I have run or contributed to a number of marketing campaigns, and look to work more within this area of the book and publishing industry as my primary area of work, and where I enjoy working most. For queries, get in touch.

“We invited Heather into the Bright Red office for a work placement and she was running our social media output within weeks. She’s smart, sharp and brought a lot of creative marketing and digital media skills to our office. Her writing is first class too – a real asset to any modern publishing business.” – John MacPherson – Director of Bright Red Publishing

404 Ink
I handle the marketing and publicity for my own publisher 404 Ink. Both the publisher and our books have seen coverage from The Guardian, Huffington Post, Refinery29, HUCK, The Skinny, The Independent, The Times, gal-dem, The List, and more. Our books have been endorsed by the likes of Margaret Atwood and Shirley Manson from Garbage. Links to 404’s press can be found at

bright red logoBright Red Publishing
While with educational publisher Bright Red Publishing I ran their social media output, including peak period campaigns for exam time and back to school, as well as around various offers, with a proven boost in sales compared to the year prior and in engagement. This was across Twitter and Facebook.

Altering content to target teachers, parents and students has been key in reaching more people, an extension of the work I did on their Digital Zone, where I implemented a new style guide so that their free online study content was more suitable for online platforms, while still being accessible.

20202020: A Publishing Odyssey
On top of running online promotion for The Society of Young Publisher Scotland’s monthly events, I ran the marketing campaign for our inaugural conference 2020: A Publishing Odyssey. This included creating all branded marketing content based on our original design, writing press releases, creating a blog schedule to promote our event and organising all content, including the “X in 2020” series, and maintaining a high social media presence and keeping the #SYP2020 hashtag visible.

On top of a full house ticket-wise, our hashtag reached over 500,000 people on the day, showing how well integrated our branding had become by the time the event came around. I also coordinated the blog coverage post-event, able to share recaps of all session out within days of the conference. This is an extension of how we run and cover our monthly events, making them go further than just the one hour when and where they occur.

I previously ran Indulge Sound for five years, where I achieved over 20,000 UMVs from around the world through creating relevant content and promoting it well across social media. This began as a blog for my own experience, but grew into running a team across the UK, USA, Europe and Canada, liaising with PRs to keep content rolling, and finding new ways to grow our online presence and reaching the worldwide audience that we grew to achieve.

I was previously taken on as a blogger for an energy company, using social media and blogging regular updates in the green energy sector to establish an online presence for the company.

I previously ran a fansite for a band from the age of 14, which went on to become one of the biggest of its kind in the world. The success came from rolling news updates, many projects that helped foster a community, and a visible presence that actively engaged with followers. Through this, I was invited to Los Angeles to visit their record label and also attend some shows to provide more content for the website, all before the age of 18.