samantha shannonThe Daring Dreamwalker: An Interview with Samantha Shannon
There’s been an odd duality to the teen heroine these last few years. There’s been the Bella spin offs, those who find validation in an attractive male, no matter their own strengths. There’s the knee-jerk reactions, the Katniss Everdeens that kick ass and cast desirability to the side. There is, however, a new character making the rounds, treading the line of strength and femininity, with mistakes all being a part of human nature.
Paige Mahoney.

B&W Blog Tour | Interview: Daniela Sacerdoti
Daniela Sacerdoti’s Sarah Midnight trilogy has created its own wee world within Scotland that sees everything from demons and elemental creatures appear in her journey for not only the truth of her existence, but the battle to save the Secret Heirs. With a large group of characters in tow for her journey, fans have been following her story and will find the conclusion in Spirit, ending the eager wait.

CLP Blog Tour | Interview: Colleen McCarty

Colleen McCarty is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and restaurant owner, and in the midst of this busy schedule has managed to find time to write and publish her debut novel Mounting The Whale. The book’s family are dysfunctional at best, but tragedy is often the best force to bring people together, none more so than a text from your sibling saying: Cartel got me, tell mom.

kakaEdinburgh Book Festival: James Kakalios preview
I live a few minutes from the Edinburgh Book Festival site, so I’m very excited for it to start tomorrow. My first show (even though it’s over a week away) is with one of my favourite authors, James Kakalios. I just think he’s great, and got to interview him recently for a show preview. 99% of his interview didn’t make the cut, since the whole thing was snipped to 180 words, but I loved it too much to leave it unseen, because I really enjoyed it. So to anyone who likes science, or superheroes, or both, or neither for that matter, I’d recommend James Kakalios.

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