If we’re excluding selling illustrated Game of Thrones cards on Etsy a few years back (which, as I had to stop selling them because they kept going missing in the post, I am), then here are the main things I’ve done lately:

Black Rock ‘5’
Designed t-shirt for the Black Rock ‘5’ race 2016.
breakThe Saltire Society #ScotLitFest email.

Introductory doodles to the work of the Saltire Society as part of our mailouts. You can view all content here.



Edinburgh Castle Activity Book.

COVEREdinburgh Castle Adventure Book: part of the University of Stirling MLitt Publishing course.
As part of my Publishing Masters course, we had to create a project from scratch, identifying a market gap, creating the product and proposing marketing plans to suit in order to experience the full process of creating and publishing a product.

My choice was an activity book for Edinburgh Castle, as upon visiting in 2014 I found many children not engaging with their surroundings. My idea was to create something to change that.

In this project, I created all content*, from images to puzzles. I drew, designed and edited the content, shifting from my primarily editorial/magazine background into creating something for a children’s market that could work for a broad age range. This product aimed to both work for younger children with parental assistance and not alienate older children, more so it sought to get them actively looking around them and engaging with their surroundings.

Costs, production and marketing were also factored into this project throughout. All related submissions received distinctions: the marketing plan, product itself and reflective essay. Disclaimers can be found below. You can view the full project over on Issuu.

*The only images not created by me were Roary the Lion, taken from Historic Scotland’s current children’s material, the ghosts and the silhouette of Edinburgh on the Prison spread.
– This project is no way affiliated with Historic Scotland, this was undertaken as part of the University of Stirling’s course and all imagery used was purely for the purposes of this project and concept.