Review: The Song Rising – Samantha Shannon.

song-risingTo say The Mime Order left us on a cliffhanger is a slight understatement. From thinking Holy shit, what’s going to happen?, you wait a year or two to find out and get thrown back into the chess game of Paige Mahoney.

The Bone Season is action packed, The Mime Order a power shift, and The Song Rising is one of tactics. There’s rash decisions, hearts leading the heads, and a few fires for good measure, but it sees the pieces shift around more, broadening Shannon’s world to Manchester and Edinburgh, preparing for the next step of, I’d imagine, going to mainland Europe, or elsewhere in the world.

The series has never lacked ambition, and it grows naturally, chaotically, and without abandon. Revolution comes with a cost, and the cost grows by the day in these pages. And your productivity. This revolution will put your productivity on serious hold.

The first half of the book laying the groundwork, forging alliances, working out what the hell happened, and the second book is a relentless page turner. They did what? Who did what? WHAT’S GOING ON? Shannon has a knack for the cliffhanger, and so we’re back to the waiting game.

It’s also fun to be from Edinburgh, because you’re like “Hey, I know Cowgate, I know where that thing is.”

Anyway. Intriguing, a world I’m glad to be back in, and one in which I want to know what happens next.


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