Review: The Comet Seekers – Helen Sedgwick

tcs.pngI realised I’ve been so busy telling people about this book for the last few months, I forgot to post this over from Goodreads. So here. | Róisín and François first meet in the snowy white expanse of Antarctica. And everything changes. While Róisín grew up in a tiny village in Ireland, ablaze with a passion for science and the skies and for all there is to discover about the world, François was raised by his beautiful young mother, who dreamt of new worlds but was unable to turn her back on her past.

A lifetime feels a long time, but it’s barely a blink of an eye to a comet. Dipping through the past of the characters, and their families, only when a comet is in the sky, The Comet Seekers manages to encompass a thousand years in a few hundred pages and have you involved in the characters every step of the way.

The two threads parallel each other, questions of love, adventure and home being tugged at from all sides. What is home? What is adventure? The sky offers both, and neither. The sky is a new start, and it’s those you’ve lost. The sky is everything, and life keeps dying and evolving beneath it, mere blips in its lifetime.

The Comet Seekers is utterly stunning. Honestly. Immediately one of my favourite books I’ve read. A thing happened, which I won’t detail, and I can’t remember feeling so saddened in a book. It’s the kind where you sit down and blitz through it, but given the speed you don’t realise quite how invested you are, and then something hits you and you maybe need to put the book down and take a moment. Maybe.

I could spend a lot of time trying to skirt around describing the book without giving away the plot, but instead I will metaphorically hold it up to your face and tell you repeatedly: The Comet Seekers is simply magnificent.

Harvill Secker | August 2016

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