#edbookfest: A Look at Booked!

bookedIn the middle of Charlotte Square Gardens, those behind Booked! wanted to showcase the brilliant work they’ve been doing over the last year, and what’s coming next.

Booked! is a celebration of words and ideas bringing groups and organisations across the country together to host events with the energy and excitement of the August Book Festival. It’s basically taking the spirit of Edinburgh Book Festival to local communities, year-round.

We hear about LandWords – weekends hosted in Callendar House in Falkirk earlier this year – and the success of that. We see the massive illustration of the house drawn by Eilidh Muldoon and covered by participants, adults and children, who all contributed to the finished collage. (Personal note: hurrah Falkirk, seeing stuff like this in my hometown is brilliant).

We also hear about the Borders and Inverclyde Booked! Festivals, one that’s taken place, one that’s about to, and the takeaways from Booked! are clear: it’s bringing confidence to those taking part to put on events they’d previously not imagined, it’s all about partnerships and this is the most vital part, and Edinburgh International Book Festival are bottling the spirit and feeling of August in the Gardens and taking it all over the country.

It’s all very exciting, really. Learn more about Booked! at edbookfest.co.uk.

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