#edbookfest: Story Shop: Jonatha Kottler.

Cp00PkqXEAA6t_kEvery day at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust hosts Story Shop, a chance to hear up-and-coming writers living and working in Edinburgh today reading their stories.

For day two, Jonatha Kottler read A Stranger’s Four Seasons of Edinburgh, from Autumn through Winter, Spring and Summer of the city. From the pears of later autumn, the niceness of a store worker in the year’s coldest months, the orchestra of a flourishing garden as everything blooms, to the (apparent) attack of the sun in Scotland in our brightest months and longest days.

On top of being a magnificent story, Jona’s tells it in such a wonderful way that you’re diving into her vision of Edinburgh wholeheartedly, and uncovering and reimagining your own city in ways you hadn’t considered. I can’t do justice to her story, so I won’t try. (In short: it was just utterly fab.)

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