Review: Unboxed – Non Pratt.

unboxed.pngFive friends. One time capsule of their best summer. They knew Millie was going to pass away, but months after it happens, it’s time to reunite to open the box. A lot can change in five years.

For one, you may end up an emotional wreck. This hurts. It pangs memories you have of teen friends that you’ve grown distant from and wonder about, it makes you look back at how much you’ve changed since the age of 13 (hopefully, like them, with better hair), and where everyone has ended up.

And I say it hurts at points because it’s a polar opposite to the level of how much it also makes your heart swell. Friends bloody rule. Meeting up with people you were close with and have grown distant from through life is one of the nicest things, and Non takes you across the whole spectrum of feelings from the sadness and awkwardness to the sheer joy of the best times in life spent with friends. You get this triumphant, almost giddy feeling as your own friends spring to mind. (In summary: yay, friends!)

You only spend a finite number of page with this group, you barely know Alix and co but Unboxed takes you wholeheartedly into their look back, and you’re with them for the whole event. No breaks, no cuts. They welcome you in. It’s just so magnificent, a simple but brilliant tale of friendship.

Also, do not start reading this when you go for a bath because you will surely turn into a prune.

August 2016 | Barrington Stoke

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