Review: Shrill – Lindy West.


Coming of age in a culture that demands women be as small, quiet, and compliant as possible–like a porcelain dove that will also have sex with you–writer and humorist Lindy West quickly discovered that she was anything but.

1) I didn’t know how much of Lindy West’s stuff I had already read by the happenstance of the internet before this book.
2) Lindy West is magnificent.

On top of the fact Lindy will make you laugh out loud reading – her background in comedy coming as no surprise – Shrill pulls no punches on society, journalism, comedy, and anything that puts their foot out of line. Rape jokes are tackled full on, even in the face of a world full of trolls, and the struggle to love your body when the world tells you to hate it is laid bare on the page.

A train journey home from Sheffield that flew by because of these pages. Lindy is loud, fearless and, frankly, bloody fabulous. I wish I could bottle her confidence and even have just a tiny little bit, but to be honest, when you read this book, you end up feeling a little more “fuck yeah” (actual feeling, honest).


One thought on “Review: Shrill – Lindy West.

  1. Laura Finazzo says:

    I completely agree with you that Shrill made me envious of Lindy’s confidence, but also made me feel a little more “fuck yeah” just by virtue of reading it. I’m so glad I discovered her, and like you, I realized only during/after reading Shrill that I was already familiar with some of Lindy’s work. Here’s hoping that Shrill really puts her on the map and makes Lindy West a household name!

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