#MPconf16: You Say You Want Collaboration: Creating A Successful Media Partnership


Amplification station | Next up at the Bookseller’s Marketing and Publicity Conference, Emma Bravo, Communications Director at Pan Macmillan, and Sam Baker, CEO of The Pool talk collaboration, and what makes for a successful partnership. Unsurprisingly, it overlaps a lot with normal relationship advice.

It’s like a good marriage, they say; reciprocity of a shared vision, generosity. But why partner up? It’s easier in a sense to just take out an ad spot, but the Pool believe in their content. They are open, honest and authentic in building a relationship with their customers, and this suits the kind of coverage Pan Macmillan hope to achieve.

Fun fact: you’re apparently more likely to survive a plane crash than to click a pop up ad; taking that forward, it’s about content, not yelling at customers. It’s also not just about numbers but about how they engage with content, how to use video, blogs, podcasts.

Back to marriage: it’s easy to dream about and difficult to find the perfect partner. It requires courting, flirty drinks after work. You put on a bit of a dating profile. But then it comes back to analysis and honesty.

There’s an overlap in how much you reveal and how much you listen at first: you’re looking for mutual commitment, where you’re clear on goals. You should have a one page business model: be sure we know what we want, does your partner agree, do you have complementary goals?

Importantly, question: can you live together? Do the paperwork, the prenup, the will. You don’t know what to expect, you may argue, and like all good partnerships, you have to have all eventualities covered. Good partnerships benefit all involved; you can gently admonish those without fear, but more importantly celebrate everyone’s successes together.

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