#MPconf16: Send Better Emails: No-nonsense lessons from Penguin Random House’s CRM Queen

Iterate iterate iterate | Zainab Juma, Email Marketing & CRM Manager of Penguin Random House joined the Bookseller’s Marketing and Publicity conference to discuss email. It’s a bit weird to talk about – the first email was sent in around 1965, and it doesn’t move forward very often, or with very big leaps.

But she’s not here to tell you to reflect the voice and look of the brand, nor is she going to tell you that emails need to be mobile responsive, or not to buy data. That would be pointless (because you’ve probably heard it a squillion times by now).

Zainab is here to say, however, that email is a static and closed media and that you need to get creative. It’s quality over quantity. Watch trends and think about your objectives while doing so. Data is valuable.

You need to be considerate dinner party guests when invited to dine in someone’s email inbox. There are rules of engagement: an inbox is a private space. Don’t turn up with unexpected guests, or uninvited. Don’t dispose of your leftovers from social media.

Always change. Be innovative with design, time, frequency, calls to action, subject line, copy length. Play around and have fun cheaply. Spam is great! Explore your spam box for how they catch your eye, but don’t click it…

Email is a learning medium. It’s treated as a bulletin board. Deliver something fun and exciting. Let’s have some fun with email. It sells books by loving stories, and is dead good.  Emails are not a bulletin board – make them part of the story.

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