Yay!YA+: Victoria Gemmell.

yayvicVictoria Gemmell’s Follow Me tracks character Kat, who is trying to figure out what’s going on in her town. Her twin sister Abby is the fifth suicide that year, and she doesn’t believe that it’s something her sister would have done, and that it could be something more sinister. So she starts to dig.

Victoria chose to create a fictional town as she didn’t want to offend any existing ones by tying them to what goes on in her plot, though it was fun to create her own little world. Within that she got to toy with some great influences and things she enjoys herself: Andy Warhol and The Factory were great influences, his forward thinking notions on celebrity and consumerism also weave their way in, though she refrains from giving too much away.

After her reading, where you first step foot in the artistic hangout in the book, she turns to her moodboards. Pinterest is great for capturing visuals, and she has ones for Andy Warhol, his influence, what her characters look like, the general atmosphere. It’s a great insight into the plotting and planning of authors and how to visualise a story.

yay6For the cover, Victoria takes us through the process of what is was going to be originally and where it ended up. One is open and light, the final one dark and claustrophobic almost. Her designer noted she was doing this as she read, and when she got to the end realised it had to be dark; Victoria agreed, it’s really fitting for the title in the end.

You can use the visual aspect of the story for more than your own personal moodboards: Instagram is great to keep the story alive; when it runs like a film in your head, it makes sense to give it life across more platforms if you can.

More from Yay!YA+ | Victoria: Twitter, Website.

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