Review: Treats – Lara Williams.

My love of the short story collection has been a fairly recent development, in the last year or two. Usually, they’re tinged with fantasy or fairytale, and I fall into them that through the otherwordly, or frankly wild way, but with Treats, it’s the first one that kind of sticks because it’s what you recognise in your own life.

This feels for the 20-somethings. From leaving University and tackling the big wide world, to the many shades of relationships, alienation and finding a place in the world. It feels of the time; it feels like it reflects a lot of what you’ll see when you look around.

Treats has a dark humour poking through, and is packed with turns of phrase that will catch your eye. Here, I should point out that there were loads I went “I’ll need to remember that” over and in typical fashion have forgotten all bar one: that we are a generation of renters and not buyers. It says so much.

And that’s kind of how the whole book works. Something recognisable will reach out, and more often than not its an unsettling reality of the generation, and it’s very, very good.

3rd  March 2016 | Freight Books

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