Review: The Night That Changed Everything – Laura Tait, Jimmy Rice.

After a 700 page conspiracy epic, I needed something a little more easygoing, and I looked at my to-be-read pile, and here it was.

Ben and Rebecca meet on a night out, and that’s about it. A phone number is exchanged, a mutual friend passes it along, and eleven months later, you jump back in. They’re still together. A throwaway comment on a past encounter changes it all – to many it’s nothing, to many it’s something big, but it alters their relationship drastically.

The Night That Changed Everything can’t be broken down too much without the dreaded spoilers, but – while they’re two opposites who share an undeniable spark – it’s a journey that is, actually, quite pleasing to read, even when it gets rather horrible for them, the circle of friends, and most people they come into contact with. You root for them, and then against them. It’s a relationship that takes you along with them and you’ll change your mind a time or two, at least.

Written by two authors, each taking a character’s POV, it’s just all rather interesting. It’s a quick and easy read.

24th March 2016 | Transworld

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