Review: Did I Mention I Need You? – Estelle Maskame.

When I read Did I Mention I Love You? , it’s not that I didn’t expect to like it, but I didn’t expect to blitz it quite so much. Well, that paled in comparison to this, because I started late last night and by early morning, here I am.

Where DIMILY was fun on the premise it was just teens having fun over a summer without the pressure of being the chosen one of some magical fold, or needing to have a resolution to every problem, DIMINY moves it two years forward, where friendships have moved on, group dynamics have changed, and everyone has finally tipped into adulthood. It’s a summer vacation where they’re all reuniting in a new city, New York, and the changes are evident.

The issues of the first book in terms of toxicity and douchebaggery are for the most part gone, meaning that this is just as readable, but without the real eye-rolling, don’t-do-it moments. Tyler has come through for the most part, he’s decent and functioning; Eden is with Dean, she’s happy and looking forward to a summer in the Big Apple. They’re both more grown up, and can just be friends around each other rather than a constant back-and-forth of insults and petty jibes.

I know the final pages may leave many in shock, but for me it was a bit of a ‘Hell yeah!’ moment. I said in my last review that the perks of a trilogy is you get to hold out on certain problems with characters because there’s time to develop, but in a rather selfish way it’s quite nice to see the story going the way you hoped (even if it’s not a universal opinion). The downside is now that I’m now in the limbo of waiting to see what that next step is (boo hiss).

The DIMILY trilogy is so readable (I’m going to preempt the fact the third one will follow suit), and really easy to get through. It’s the fun-loving, site-seeing, summer-tripping YA without the pressure to change the world, to have a problem and resolve it; it’s just kind of real life in that sense.

October 2015 | Black & White Publishing

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