Review: Under My Skin – Juno Dawson.

Blimey. An ordinary teenager is lured into getting a gorgeous tattoo, starts to hear voices in her head and, as it turns out, the voice is more than that, a spirit of sorts ready to assist and, at times, take over her body, with or without her permission. I’d heard good things, I was a little skeptical on a possessed tattoo, but here we are.

Riddle me interested. At one point I thought this was like the Princess Diaries with a little bit of knife skills thrown in, when it came to the high school relationships, the meanness, the cliques. That reminds me, it’s been a while since I watched that. It’s a one sitting scenario, when I continuously found myself caught off guard. Not only is it fairly original, but it’s well executed. I didn’t think I’d necessarily fall into a story about a manic Molly Sue tattoo, but I think this is just such a good example of a book where there’s an effort to make things interesting and make sense. I thought there was a fairly high risk I wouldn’t feel that way, which is why when I got to the last page I was fairly impressed by how much I wanted to know how it went.

This is a really good, interesting book. It’s original, and it will throw some shocks at you. So eerie. I’m a bit wary of my Coraline tattoo now. She seems a bit shifty.

5th March 2015 | Hot Key Books

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