Review: Girl in a Band – Kim Gordon.

For many, Kim Gordon, vocalist, bassist and founding member of Sonic Youth, has always been the epitome of cool. Music is my go-to when I’m in a reading funk and accordingly Kim Gordon was on hand to see me through this one.

Through her childhood, life in Sonic Youth, and fall apart of her marriage, the book has short chapters that can leap around. She writes well, and it’s an easy read.

Having said that, it just felt… not unfinished, but not as out there as an autobiography would be. Some more recent moments are dealt with in a detail that a lot of the book lacked, and when you get an insight into her life, you really start to feel for her on several levels.

But I’ve left feeling like I know very little about her that’s new. I didn’t get a sense of her at all. It often felt like name dropping rather than telling stories, just purely because so little is fleshed out (suppose that’s the fall of having short chapters) rather than suggesting she’s trying to show off.

It’s just a bit awkward really. Adore Kim Gordon, have been really excited about it, but felt like she kind of skimmed the top on her life. If you’re going to do a book, you have to do a book, and this felt like an exciting life was quite ordinary on the page for the most part. I’ll not go any further, but I think overall, it is a good and interesting book but I just didn’t get a sense of her throughout 90% of the book.


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