Review: Airstream – Audrey Henderson.

I can’t pretend to have much of a grasp on poetry; it’s one of the areas of writing I just can’t get into reading no matter how much I try. Having said that, I still found plenty to enjoy in Airstream, and on that basis, I’d assume that to someone who does enjoy and revel in poetry, this will be an absolute delight.

Audrey takes the reader across cities and landscapes, meets animals and people, and can bring the character of many alive in just a few short lines. I may not have known who Wisława Szymborska was, but by simply saying her writing must have been done on billboards and then shrunk down was enough to suggest she’s a wonderful writer. Across the board, I might not have known a lot of the reference points or people being mentioned, but there was enough to leave an impression of who they were from each page.

The morning feels mystical, the National Library is given its own little life, the man who removed his arm to escape a canyon’s tale is woven with such nice prose. I think poetry is a challenge because of the craft of saying a lot in a little, and several times in Airstream I found myself stopping to admire an excellent turn of phrase that said more than just the four or five words on the page.


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