Review: Fishnet – Kirstin Innes

Since Edinburgh Book Festival is over and I’ve finally caught up with everything and got over the busy week that followed, I can finally get a review up of the one book I managed to read in the last few weeks. One! Criminal. I started a lot of others though, so I should read more soon… Anyway…

So first of all, I really liked Fishnet because it’s one of the few books to deal with the sex industry with some depth and attempt to see it from both sides and more importantly show it as healthy when it’s a conscious choice.

But I had this weird feeling reading it, though, and I wasn’t sure what it was. I think, after a little time to dwell on it, that a lot of it milled along, and the resolution was a bit so-so. But I read it, and I powered through it, and I didn’t hesitate in doing so, because it’s a topic often handled so badly in books; generally anything involving a penis is handled terribly in books, sex is taboo, etc, etc.

There were attempts to reconcile certain elements with a background and context but often I think people just milled around without reason until they were needed then wandered off again.

Most of this came from my garbled Goodreads review after just finishing the book a few weeks back, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the resolution is not the point of the book so my feelings on it have grown to be irrelevant. It’s the journey, the exploration of the industry and the fearless nature in which this book is tackled that matters, and on that front this is excellent. It is an important book, and one I will recommend highly time and time again. Basically, I should probably revisit my reviews a few weeks down the line when I feel any unease, because I’ll probably have found more clarity.

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