Review: You’re Making Me Hate You: A Cantankerous Look at the Common Misconception That Humans Have Any Common Sense Left – Corey Taylor.

There’s a passing reference Corey Taylor makes about this book that sums it up probably more succinctly and accurately than I could: “This is indeed my Angry Old Man book.”

So with that, a quick – and unsurprising – disclaimer: if you’re easily offended, probably not the book for you. Corey is quick to point out the human race are assholes and no one is safe, and he means it.

And with that comes the inevitable problem of hearing someone complain about something you’re not 100% on board with, kind of like that angry relative with a whisky in hand quietening down after a rant only to start off again. But then again, that’s the beauty of it.

I hate drivers. I like to think (as everyone does) I’m not too bad at it myself, but as I’m going on more motorway commutes than usual in the past year, I’m finding a lot of annoyances and people getting on my nerves for idiotic things they do: and it’s a complete and utter joy to have someone so angrily detail it so you don’t have to. Those exasperated sighs of frustration you let out when stuck behind a car who cut you off only to go half the speed limit is here, sweary and without care, for you to go “Yes! I feel that!”

Then there’s airports, fashion, music, and kids being douches when parents don’t teach them better. There will be times where your toes may curl as things go a little bit beyond your own rage spectrum, but the previous point still stands: there’s something incredibly fun about reading your daily rants transposed into one sweary chapter after another.

Music was a particular favourite, dealing with many levels of the industry. The unfortunate moment came with one of his many anonymous rants with clues to their solution led inevitably to one of my favourite bands (I know they rip of Iron Maiden and Metallica, but you didn’t need to remind me with a reference to who they so blatantly ripped off, because I’ve spent the last hour replaying the two on Youtube to compare. You’re right.), but at the same time you feel a little bit like a shitty metal Sherlock Holmes for solving one of the smallest mysteries in metal.

I digress.

This was uneasy ground for a while, as topics going a little beyond my own opinion came up, but when he gets one you’re on board with, man. Everyone hates something as mundane as traffic, and though it’s unlikely to find someone to whoop enthusiastically in agreement at every single sentence, the point is he speaks a lot of sense, especially on that shit that annoys you for no real reason other than it’s completely pointless or infuriating. So yes, this is his angry old man book, but we’re all a little bit angry.

7th July 2015 | Da Capo Press

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