Aye Write! 2015: Top Picks.

Glasgow’s upcoming Book Festival, Aye Write!, has just unveiled their whole schedule for 17-25th April, and all tickets go on sale March 21st (that’s this Saturday!). So, that’s two days to get the ol’ pen out and work out what you want to snap up tickets for. You can view the full 2015 programme here.

There are some really interesting, diverse and powerful events, but I’ve opted for my personal picks for this blog (I swear I’m not just sucked into anything to do with rock music…).

james mortonSaturday 18th April – James Morton: How Baking Works. 12pm
The Great British Bake Off is the greatest institution in British television. There, I said it. Maybe not, but if you love GBBO (which I do, to ridiculous degrees), this is a chance to catch some mini-masterclasses from the Scottish finalist who threw Scottish twists into many of his bakes on the show. Plus, there will be cakes. So, you know…

Saturday 18th April – Dylan Jones on Jim Morrison. 1.30pm
Famous member of the 27 club Jim Morrison was known for fronting The Doors and his knack for self-destruction. Dylan Jones is set to present a refreshingly honest portrait of Morrison, through little-known anecdotes and such. Jim’s also a central point in my favourite book (and what this blog is sloppily named after): Wonderland Avenue: Tales of Glamour and Excess, so any new portrait of him is interesting.

rockstarsSaturday 18th April – Mark Ellen: Rock Stars Stole My Life. 4.30pm
As a teenager, Mark Ellen ‘dreamt that music was a liberating leap to a sparkling future’, and wanted to be a part of the industry. His 50-year love affair with rock ‘n’ roll has seen him contribute to ubiquitous music mags, and his memoir is said to put a chaotic world to rights. Basically, if you like rock music, I feel like this is going to be an excellent event (and book).

Tuesday 21st April – Mark Millar: The Graphic Novels That Made Me – 7.30pm
Anything to do with Mark Millar is generally a joy, so to see him talk through the graphic novels that inspired him over the years will definitely be interesting. The man behind Kick-Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy, Kingsman (adapted to a movie that also kicked ass), and putting  Superman in Soviet Russia, there’s a lot of inspiration to delve into.

51p2bYhgJVL._UY250_Wednesday 22nd April – Jane Hawking: True Story Behind the Theory of Everything 7.30pm
The Theory of Everything has been a hit in the box office, a new take on Professor Stephen Hawking’s life, through his wife Jane’s memoirs. Said to be candid and inspiring, it will be a great event.

Friday 24th April: Zoë Howe & Douglas Hart: The Jesus and Mary Chain – 7.30pm
I’m not bitter about this being cancelled at Edinburgh Book Festival last year. I’m not. Honestly. Either way, Howe’s book on the band is said to be a fierce, frank and funny telling of the band’s story. But this time, as an added bonus, she will be joined by founder member Douglas Hart.

Have you checked out the programme yet? What events are you looking forward to?

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