Review: Get In Trouble – Kelly Link.

A lot of people have read Get in Trouble because they know Kelly Link and have become a fan over the years of her published short stories. I read this because I saw it and thought Ooh, that looks interesting. So it was a bit of a blind adventure.

Rather than a bit-by-bit breakdown over Link’s range of stories, I’ll just keep it snappy: this is mental. The diversity of her characters and situations continuously catches you off guard. I’d assume an element of weirdness is synonymous with her style, but going into it with no real knowledge, it kind of knocks you sideways when you realise quite how quirky some of it is.

Fairytales on shadow people, superheroes and ghosts, where fantasy and reality are constantly wrestling, and a random metal chair comes along and smacks you in the face with a twist.

With the sheer mix she covers, it’s unsurprising that some fare far better than others, and the story itself often felt more important than the writing, but as an introduction to Kelly Link… Weeeird. But weird can make you think, catch you off guard and be generally good fun.

5th March 2015 | Canongate

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