#scotbookconf | Simon Appleby, Bookswarm – Relaunch of BooksfromScotland.com

Previous version of the site

Previous version of the site

BooksfromScotland.com is undergoing a bit of a facelift.

The selection process: define what a book from Scotland is. This can be helped along by machines, though it’s not quite Skynet (yet). Machines recognise patterns that are not clear to the human eye, and through taking info from an existing batch of books it can compare criteria to recognise Scottish books for inclusion, with more refining through input and new keywords. The Artificial Neural Network (ANN) will be a major help (although Ann sure sounds like a Terminator to me…).

In theory, it could be a rolling blog feed that people could easily lose track of if they didn’t check daily, so they’re approaching it a little differently. In viewing them in magazine-type bulks it means they can make issues, give themes based on anniversaries or events, and they have a clear planning framework. It gives them time to reach out and engage, rather than mindlessly post information in the hope someone checks daily.

Beyond that, the rebrand is key. They want it to be modern, intelligent and flexible. Intelligent without being exclusive. The design should be sleek and clear, but most importantly: it should take readers beyond the book. There will be real insight offered in a variety of ways, although this does still remain under construction.

The design previewed looks really great, but the full unveiling comes in Spring, so stay tuned!

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