Review: The Annotated Sandman, Vol. 1 – Neil Gaiman, Leslie S. Klinger.

To be completely honest, reading The Annotated Sandman, Vol. 1 was both brilliant and problematic. The problem, first of all, is it was the only way to read beyond the first compendium; I’ve had the Annotated one sitting idly by for a while as I thought I’d accrue the rest of the smaller, coloured compendiums – but when you’re a student, they’re kind of dear, and the second volume was never around when I sporadically bought books.

So, it was more to read more of the story in black and white than view the whole coloured spectacle. On the plus side, it means I can go back and read them all again, and then re-read the annotations here if I fancy. I suppose, in a way, it gives me a gazillion more reasons to read the Sandman.

I would say that I thought there’d be more notes. The majority of pages are without anything of consequence other than that the following page in the issue was an ad. But those bits that were highly detailed were super interesting to see the inspiration and references, and it makes it far more fun being able to place the references. There did come a point where I had to be more picky on reading them, as some started to refer forward in the series.

Either way, finally catching up on the Sandman series, which is long overdue, and it’s super.


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