Review: Sweet Nothing: Stories – Richard Lange.

Sweet Nothing is deceptive. A heart on the cover, but really dark and twisted on the inside. Set on the dark side of Los Angeles, Lange’s collection of short stories refuses to shy away from that which is gritty and uncomfortable.

The characters you meet aren’t the kind of people you’d usually empathise with or root for in text, but that’s probably why this collection is a little bit different. By the time you get some grip on knowing them, you’re moved onto the next, gaining only a brief snapshot into their respective lives, and feeling oddly connected to some.

From a man who cheated on his wife and got someone else pregnant and a recovering addict, to a guard dealing with his life alongside child killers, there’s a diverse and dark mix to enjoy or (more accurately) get temporary caught up in, since enjoyment from such dark material seems a bit unusual.

27th Feb 2015 | Mulholland Books

One thought on “Review: Sweet Nothing: Stories – Richard Lange.

  1. radiantreads says:

    Oh this sounds really interesting!! I’ve been looking for some short story collections, so I might get my hands on this one!

    (and i wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.. 🙂 )

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