Review: Golden Son – Pierce Brown.

Golden Son continues the story of Darrow – the ‘rebel forged by tragedy’ – as he battles to overthrow the current societal hierarchy on Mars for something greater. He’s infiltrated the ruling class, but now the job really begins.

Here’s the thing: with sequels it’s not always necessary to read the full series, sometimes you can jump on at a random stop and, while you don’t have a full picture, you still get it. Here, I think reading Red Rising is a must, because book two might not stand so solidly on its own, but as a pair… man. So anyway, take the advice on that if you haven’t already because, really, Red Rising is just fantastic.

Back to the book in hand, it’s moved from building up to the purpose to the political shifts and push for a civil war. Darrow is a warrior, but not a cold-hearted killer, nor is he willing to be a ruling overlord. It’s a carefully played game of chess, navigating people of power, working out who to trust.

And this battle of wits is played really well, written with the same slang and style that made the first book so brilliant, and leads you to a truly shocking set-up for the trilogy’s finale. For fans of Brown’s first book, this is excellent. The second book can be difficult – bridging the gap from a great first installment while leaving enough to keep you hanging for the third. Job well done, because I’m ready for it!

January 2015 | Hodder & Stoughton

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