Review: Mobile Library – David Whitehouse.

Bobby Nusku escapes his small town in a stolen library-on-wheels. By day, Bobby and his best friend are hatching plans to turn Sunny into a cyborg to protect him from bullies and his abusive father, but when he suffers a freak accident, Bobby must face the world alone.

“There were no windows, yet there were thousands of windows, in every book on every shelf.”

Whitehouse’s writing is really nice, and Bobby puts a lot of thought and detail into everything. With ‘The End’ actually placed at the start, it gives you a false sense in your ability to map the journey you’re about to go on. But as he meets Val and Rosa, and follow the unwanted attention they garner, it can make you feel a little uncomfortable. But, keep reading and you’ll find a story about love, family and adventure (and books. Of course.)

At the end it’s clear that blood doesn’t make family, and while the road to that conclusion can get a little wild, it’s just a really nice book.

20th Jan 2015| Scribner

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