Review: The Liar’s Chair – Rebecca Whitney.

Rachel and David Teller have everything in their marriage; they appear happy and prosperous to those outside. But, he’s manipulative and controlling, while she indulges in drunken indiscretions. As she kills a man in a hit and run on the way home from a rendezvous, the cracks in their facade begin to show.

She is wracked with guilt as he clears everything up and continues as normal, slowly tightening his reigns on her. Rachel is then forced to confront her past and atone through long-suppressed memories of shame.

The Liar’s Chair is ultimately okay. As a psychological thriller it really works in drawing you in to a few key aspects: namely, how they move on from the accident, the dynamics that brought their marriage to that point and how her past ties in. If the focus was truly on those elements, it could have worked a better.

The marriage for one seems to descend into a string of bizarre events without reason other than to move things on to the next big event and it kind of waters down the really strong start. While the book does keep you drawn in the whole way through with various character comings and goings, it doesn’t quite match up to that initial impact.

That random detour in the middle is rectified by the end with an equally strong finish, making this a dark and twisted domestic psychological thriller of a woman trapped in a fake and toxic marriage, whose life is forced into the spotlight after that one fateful night.

15th Jan 2015| Mantle

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