Review: Yes Please – Amy Poehler.

I like Amy Poehler and squealed like a child on Christmas morning to see that my mum had taken up my not-so-subtle hint that I would really, really like this book. So, even though I’d decided I’d try not read between Christmas and New Year (why, I have no idea), I gave it up pretty quickly so I could read this.

It’s kind of weird, because it’s an autobiography-cum-self-help-cum-life-lessons mish mash that’s not written specifically to be funny (I’m told Tina Fey’s is, and if anyone wants to give me a copy of that to confirm/deny this, then feel free!), but it’s just… funny anyway.

She talks of her childhood at times, gets others to write guest chapters (including her mum writing about the day she was born) and her journey through comedy, jumping sporadically through the times. She’s unafraid to recount the awful things in her past and detail how awful she felt (and was) for it all, like that SNL sketch about the doll.

But what you get from it all is man, she’s nice. She’s fucked up, she’s done stupid things from time to time, but she’s just so down to earth and fun and can bring a lightness to everything she talks about.

It’s not on par with Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking… because that specifically set out to offer some form of help, but you really read this and get some positivity from it, whether it’s in relation to career, parenthood, sex or relationships. I mean, I wasn’t in a bad mood when I started reading this, but I’ve certainly left it feeling a lot happier and positive. Probably because of the Parks and Rec chapter, I can’t deny that as it’s my current show that I’m powering through and completely in love with that I smiled like a child reading it all.

Also, it’s worth noting that she has one of the few autobiographies that’s not plagued with ill-placed photo pages that interrupt paragraphs. That’s my pet hate, and I’m exceedingly pleased that someone I love integrated photos so I couldn’t nitpick her book.

Basically, if you like Amy Poehler in any way, from a long term fan to liking her in one show or sketch, I think you’ll like this. It’s not a heavy book at all, but it just makes you feel good about stuff. And it’s bloody funny, so that’s a plus.


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