2014: Comic books.

End of year lists! First up, some of my favourite comic books/graphic novels that I’ve read this year. I’ve not included them all on the blog, so some of these will link to Goodreads. Some are out this year, some aren’t. Huzzah.

henry and glennHenry & Glenn Forever & Ever – Tom Neely & Friends.
You know when you’re just wandering around a shop and something catches your eye? And it looks the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen and you have to have it? Well, that’s how I discovered Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever.

Superman: Red Son – Mark Millar.
So, taking up the drunken (but effusive) recommendation last night to finally read this was well worth it. A clever and interesting twist on Superman without going so wild you lose the actual core of the characters. If he’d have crash landed twelve hours earlier, he’d have been an American citizen, but instead he’s the right hand man of Stalin in a Communist Russia.

IDP – internally displaced people – imagines Scotland in 2043, when sea levels has risen and caused catastrophe, looking at how society re-imagines itself in such tough times. More so, it’s six chapters, one overall narrative, and lots of collaborations between writers and artists.

The Sandman Vol 1: Preludes & Nocturnes – Neil Gaiman.
I can’t deny I’m a big fan of Gaiman’s books, but had never read any of his comic book work (excluding Batman). But then, in August, I went to see him talk (five minutes from my flat – hurrah!) at the Edinburgh Book Festival about the Sandman series, and I’d since been intrigued.

Dungeon_Fun_0201Dungeon Fun #2 – Colin Bell, Neil Slorance.
So, after a nice day out/drive around I popped into Sinéad’s family’s shop and saw they had Dungeon Fun #2. Hurrah! So here I am.The book returns to Fun Mudlifter and her adventures with the likes of the monstrous magma menace Boombastyx and a new wee dungeon master thrown in for good measure.

Also, since I put this list together I’ve read Dungeon Fun #3 and it is equally wonderful, so I’d recommend that too.


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