Review: The Death Cure – James Dashner.

The issue with the entire Maze Runner series is that, personally, it’s been underwhelming. The first book was fine, the second a kind of repeat of the first, without explaining anything and just raising the same questions. Then came the third, Death Cure, which showed hope of actually answering these questions.

The plot picks up following the Scorch Trials, and despite being certain that Wicked can’t be trusted, Thomas and co are told that now is when they’ll be told the truth. They’re immune, with a control group who weren’t, and they can get their memories back and be a part of the final process. No more secrets, they’re working towards the blueprint for the cure.

Even without his memories being restored, Thomas remembers more than people know, and they plan escape, throwing a final two fingers up to Wicked on their chance for survival.

Sounds good, right? A chance to survive and have all the answers that the series has so far lacked, right?

Except, very little is actually really answered. Thomas refuses to get his memories back, therefore removing the opportunity (and perhaps responsibility) of actually explaining anything that brought them to this point. (I should note, I bought this as a 4-pack, so I’m assuming the prelude answers this. But shouldn’t the end of an actual trilogy offer some explanation?)

The flashes of his past show no real significance, Teresa and Brenda are interchangeable characters and the former just comes off kind of pointless by the end. Seriously, what was the point of her?

Minho was an excellent character, as was Newt and the letter of his brought into play ideas of morality, friendship, trust, etc. That core plot was excellent, and Thomas’s moral dilemmas in regards to it were the most interesting parts of the book. The lack of development following the crux of that dilemma typifies the approach of the whole thing.

And it showed so much promise of being great. They’re breaking out, they’re going to answer everything and move on from everything and then it all just returned to what wishy washy vague plot that doesn’t really answer anything.

I was told by someone that this is a series you follow to the end because you simply have to see where it goes. That’s exactly it. With so many questions, you kind of need the closure of knowing about the cure, about Wicked, about why Thomas was always so integral. The problem is they all seem to have been shirked. So, eh.

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