Review: You Are Here – Chris Hadfield.

So, this naturally follows on from reading An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth , and it’s pretty incredible.

You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes: Photographs from the International Space Station is a collection of photographs taken by Chris Hadfield during his five month stint on the ISS. It’s far from just a string of pictures without explanation, nor is it steeped in descriptions of what you’re looking at.

Divided by continent, some descriptions are succinct, others typographically (and cutely) tweaked to suit, others phrased as a multiple choice question. The photos themselves are brilliant, but as well as showing how absolutely gorgeous and incredible Earth looks from outer space, he shows its little quirks and oddities too.

Islands that look like punctuation, parts of the world that from space look like human elements – eyes, brains. Elephants, pigs, birds, nature is odd but nice, and then they actually tested the theory on whether you could see pilots from space (spoiler: you can, and it’s cool). Then there’s seeing Italy from a perspective that throws the book way out of whack from what maps show you, and you look at it thinking, No, that can’t be right.

Basically the same as Chris Hadfield’s other book in that if you have the remotest interest in space you’ll likely enjoy it. The photos themselves are stunning and it’s kind of mental how incredible and strange the world is.

Pan Macmillan

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