Review: An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth – Chris Hadfield.

Colonel Chris Hadfield is, if you remove his extensive resume from this first sentence, just plain bloody cool. I grew up loving science and space and an astronaut was just this incredible thing to me; I was going to buy this book a little while ago and decided to save the pennies, but then Chris was doing a signing nearby and I kind of had to go, and have naturally spent the rest of the day reading this.

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth takes you through his childhood ambitions to be an astronaut and refusal to give up. How many of us at age nine would forgo crisps for vegetables to achieve a lifelong goal? You’re taken through his extensive and varied training, the experience of a rocket launch and even living for months on the International Space Station.

On top of that, it’s just full of loads of little anecdotes that raise a smile and lighten the particularly intense run throughs of his work. Then, there’s the Bowie video. It’s not given the greatest amount of time, but you’ll spend that entire passage visualising his neat space music video.

Man, if Hadfield isn’t one of the most driven and ambitious people, I don’t know who else is. He’s definitely someone you visualise yourself wanting to be with in a crisis, so level headed and prepared (maybe to a fault at times).

Being an astronaut is just the coolest thing and if you have even the remotest interest in space then this is a really, really good read. And he’s just generally lovely, and yes. He’s just the coolest.

Pan Macmillan

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