Review: Lolito – Ben Brooks.

Lolito is what happens when fifteen-year old Etgar breaks up with his first love Alice after she cheats on him, and he turns to the online chat community for some solace. What does he find? Macy, the stunning, bored housewife from Inverness.

The two chat and agree to meet up, both have their secrets, with his key one being that he’s technically still a child, and it comes to a head two days together in London. Etgar is oddly likeable, dealing with social anxiety and clearly not one for cybering his awkwardness brings a real dose of naivety and humour to proceedings.

It’s not quite as scandalous as some people had made out, and the kind of naive writing style (reflective of the protagonist, but still) is a tad erratic, especially at the end when it jumps around without warning. It all just happens and nothing really explored – it could raise questions with some readers, with others it’ll just act as an easy read.

On one end it’s a lonely teenager trying to find a place and company in the world, at the other it’s a willing and deceptive Lolita. Take whichever you will.

Breeze to read, funny, interesting to see a writer treat the internet as something legitimate rather than some mystical place. Jumps around a lot, could grate some readers, but it’s a modern twist where you oddly feel for Etgar, who’s really just a pissed off fifteen year old who likes to jack off and found solace in the internet.

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