Review: Revolution – Russell Brand.

Here’s the thing about Russell Brand. I quite like The Trews and how he talks about politically charged issues with both a sense of humour to defuse the seriousness, but also with a general grounding of common sense. Then, beyond that, I’m kind of fascinated with how politics is shifting in Scotland. I read a recent Buzzfeed article at an SNP conference being like, “Why do they look like they’re celebrating? They just lost a referendum…” And I think the point that many people and commentators are missing is that people give a shit now, and I thought this would be a mix of all that.

And, yes, it is to an extent. Brand’s blurb chimes We all know the system isn’t working as an opening gambit, and while he doesn’t present his own way to go about this revolution, he interviews people over the current system and where we could go, and offers starting points, little tidbits to consider.

You’ve been lied to, he says, and it’s time to stop accepting things simply because that’s just the way they are. Like his Youtube ramblings, when he gets going into the issues, it’s actually really interesting, but there’s so many tangents of his babbling that it really can get on your nerves and deviate so far from the point. Then there’s the “You’ll call me a hypocrite!” moments; it needed said once at the start with a dose of humour (which it was) then not touched on again; it’s easy to roll your eyes with every dozen times this is mentioned. If you’re reading Brand’s Revolution you do so accepting the slight hypocrisy from his current situation, but the notion it comes from someone who’s been on both sides.

The interviews and delving into the issues of disparity in wealth, business domination, revolution in general – it’s all really interesting and well done, and it reads clear as day that this is Russell Brand. If you remove the extended babbling detours and took this at face value it’s a common sense manifesto of what’s wrong with the current political climate and where you could go. Will the revolution happen? Who knows. But from all these basic thoughts that ring true you can’t help but wonder why it hasn’t already begun.

14th October 2014 | Century, Random House


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