Review: Carter Beats The Devil – Glen David Gold.

Carter Beats The Devil came into my life because of Wil Wheaton. I basically upped my Photoshop Wil Wheaton game, got asked “Is that from Carter Beats The Devil?!” and had to buy the book when I randomly stumbled across it six months later.

Hypnotising readers for the past decade with his portrait of a 1920s magic-obsessed America, Gold follows Charles Carter – Carter the Great – whose skill as an illusionist exceeds that of even Houdini. It’s basically historical fiction that, for once, isn’t set in a medieval sort of time, and this one features a magician. So, yes.

In line with the Wil Wheaton theme of the review, I’ll copy his notion of just telling you what I knew. I knew Wil liked it (a good enough endorsement for me). I knew a lot of other people seemed to like it (it also passed my “What does Goodreads think?” test of being over 4). I then fell kind of hook, line and sinker into it.

It had to get put down a lot in the process because of driving and working and writing and this, that and the other, but now I’ve finished it, it was worth the wait. So many books feel like another, but I can’t remember anything remotely similar and I just loved it all. Different, but really good.


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