Review: Little Crackers: Tales From the Edge – Beda Higgins.

Little Crackers is a collection of short stories that start out innocent enough, but all have a dark yet intriguing twist on them. A teenage mother who consistently visits her doctor with her young baby with a health issue that won’t seem to shake, a young boy who hides in fear from getting hurt by his family and tells his woes to a lovely old man, there’s a host of interesting characters in both the back and foreground of the stories, and while they’re relatively short and snappy, they’re all captivating in their own unique ways.

Inspired by the author’s experiences as a nurse, her wealth of characters is imaginative and diverse, dealing with post-natal depression, dementia, and even murder in a twisted way. Each story will only be a brief interlude into your life, but it’ll sweep you up for those few moments and, more often than not, surprise you. Little Crackers is at times disturbing, but ultimately something intriguing and different, bringing a little light humour into the often dark subject matter of mental health, with a nice balance.

6th Nov 2014 | Saraband Books

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