Review: Cross Stitch – Diana Gabaldon.

1945. Nurse Claire Randall has returned from war and is reunited with her husband Frank, when she walks through a standing stone in an ancient circle during her second honeymoon. Then by some kind of witchcraft or similar shenanigans, she’s transported 200 years back in time. Things happen, history unfolds against a typically beautiful Scottish backdrop, and she’s forced to choose the love of her future life, or love of the past.

And frankly, this book had been sold to me on the premise that it made an American friend fall in love with Scotland enough to move here. So, you know, that’s a high recommendation.

Other than the historical element, it being set in Scotland, and the mention of a love story, there was little to go on before starting, but Gabaldon’s writing is so easy to get into by the time I cared to ponder further I was already about 300 pages in.

It’s ultimately just a historical fiction twist on a trashy, all-consuming romance, and – hey – once in a while it’s just good to read. There’s the wee turmoils – what would you do if you knew how future battles were going to end? Would everything you do make a difference in the future?

The barbarism is realistic to the reality of the past, and it’s kind of cool to read a book based in Scotland. The sex scenes get a bit too regular, though. Let’s fine some hay, let’s find some grass, blah, blah, blah.

But hey, I can’t deny I was totally sucked into the book and wanted to know what happened, so that’s a success in my mind. (Also, not sure about the TV show. I hadn’t seen any images from it so pictured the characters totally differently. Is it worth watching?)


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