Review: But Why Aren’t Teleporters A Thing Yet? – Kellie Huskisson.

teleportersSo, I have a tendency to ramble on about cute wee comics a) for my own record and b) so other people can see, and pretty much everyone I know should read this.

It’s a really nice wee comic about long distance friendship, and considering my best friends are split between Glasgow, Nottingham and London (although gallivanting through the USA at the moment), along with loads scattered through England and the States, it’s a bit of a bummer not being able to see them very often, and this just made me smile.

So on top of this being ridiculously cute and amazing, I’ve ended up sitting for a wee bit thinking of all the cool stuff I’ve got to do with my long distance friends when we’ve actually seen each other, and some exciting stuff coming up. Pretty much everyone I know has long distance friends thanks to bands or some other reason (but mainly bands…), and this just hits the nail on the head. I kind of love it!

All go buy Kellie’s stuff! \o/


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