Review: Pure – Jennifer L. Armentrout.

The second installment of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Covenant series picks up with Alex as she faces returning to class, training with Aiden and Seth simultaneously, being unable to shake off the pressure and attachments that come with her upcoming 18th birthday and visiting the Council to discuss her run ins with daimons that ended the first book.

Every plus and every negative of the first book continues here. For one, it’s really easy to read; honestly, you could blitz through this book in one sitting if you had the time, such is the effortlessness of her writing.

Alex is still unlikable at times (to a lesser extent this time around) but she’s also feisty and bold, Seth still gets a bit creepy but he becomes a likeable character you yearn to return to the plot, and now Aiden is getting a little too possessive in general but equally does some of the most important but underplayed acts of the book.

The series smacks of other books, but you kind of get hooked in for the ride; the amount of different but sub-par stories that you’ll come across, some could forgive the comparisons for a good quality read. The plus side is that unlike recent series  with demons and the like, this is a concentrated example – it’s easy to have demons shape-shifting into every possible appearance, or just becoming overbearing – but this evolves into new types with more consideration.

Did the book answer the questions that Half-Blood forced you to ask? Well, no, but it makes you wonder even harder what the hell is going to happen on her 18th birthday? and the like. It makes you pick sides (I keep changing, so sue me), and bums you out when people die (the unfortunate result of battling demons, you know).

Overall, it moves the story on without ramming so much in it felt rushed. Danger, death, love and breaking noses with apples – there’s a lot going on. The brilliance of Armentrout, in this series at least, is the writing is just so easy to get through; the plot moves fast but without overdoing it. Onwards!

Hodder & Stoughton

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