Review: Labyrinth – Kate Mosse.

It’s 2005. Alice is volunteering on an archaeological dig in the Pyrenees mountains and makes a huge discovery: two bodies, and the pattern of a labyrinth. Eight hundred years earlier, Alais is entrusted by her father to safeguard a ring and book, the latter containing the secrets of the true Grail, the former a way to identify a guardian of it.

Armies are at the Cité walls, and it will take great strength and perseverance to keep the artifacts and secret of the labyrinth safe.

This was generally okay. Mosse’s writing is of the quality that it hooks you into the story after a few chapters, taking you to a cliffhanger of sorts before switching to 800 years in the past, or future. It’s these cliffhangers that keep you around to unravel the mystery of the labyrinth and what links all these people previously unknown to one another.

It felt well researched and legitimate, and the historical element to the story was by far the best, but at times it felt every page of the 694 that made up the story. It just felt a little too long when the going got tough, and the ending was just okay. Again, the 2005 setting was just a little below par – absolutely no complaints to be had on how the Alais’ story was tied up, that whole section of the story is why the rating was pulled up.

It’s a real slow burn to get into (I said the same about A Song Of Ice And Fire, and look what happened there). So, with this being her debut and my first foray into Mosse’s work, I’d say it’s a fair shout I’ll read more, and keep my fingers crossed that historical elements are a strong theme in future books.


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