Review: Things That Are – Amy Leach.

From the cosmic to the quotidian, this collection of essays by Amy Leach asks us to reconsider our kinship with the wild world.

Things That Are is a collection of quirky essays on humble things like the sea cucumber, to the Universe itself. Pandas, animals, plants, seeds, the universe – they’re random at face value, but even though you never necessarily wanted to read about why you shouldn’t shout at a sea cucumber (sort of), you kind of enjoy it nonetheless.

Short, snappy essays that are less about presenting fact and shining a light on research, but more about putting some spark and personality into it. Did I ever wonder what it was like to be a pea? No. But now I’ve read about it and found myself smiling, because while some of the essays are more interesting than others, they all have a cute little personality to them.


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