Review: The Maze Runner – James Dashner.

You know when you go into book shops and there’s one book that keeps popping up on the front of their displays? So, with The Maze Runner hype, I thought I’d give it a go.

Thomas wakes up in a lift with no memories, surrounded by strangers – all teen boys, whose memories are also gone. They live in a little area surrounded by an expansive and ever-changing maze, one that has seen no one survive the night, or successfully escape. And then one day, a girl arrives – everything is set to change.

It’s pitched for “fans of The Hunger Games“, but it’s kind of like The Truman Show meets Divergent meets The Lord of the Flies meets numerous other books or movies that spring to mind.

And it’s generally an average version of all those references. Thomas, for one, is unlikeable from the off. He’s cocky, unwilling to listen to rules or try integrate, he just immediately feels that he’s right and deserves to be listened to. Sure, there’s some reasons he may have, but his approach is generally off-putting.

Every chapter ends on a cliff-hanger of sorts, and though most of them are generally unexciting, when the pace does pick up they all become predictable. I’m sure the plan was to drop hints so that when they come to fruition the reader gasps as all the pieces fall into place, but really you read the tidbit and go “Well that’s going to resurface and…”. Generally, you’re right.

The slang grates, the characters are generally flat, the revelations are anything but, the villains aren’t even scary – they just kind of float around. They simply are. That’s it. No reason, no nothing.

I get this being an at attempt for a more male-centric Hunger Games type product, but it’s a whole lot of nothing, then a whole lot of predictable.


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