Review: The Devil Wears Prada – Laura Weisberger.

Well, that was a resounding meh.

More accurately, it was Bridget Jones’ Diary take two: a film that I love and know inside out, that when I read the book it’s based on it just isn’t very good in comparison.

I know it’s because I’m well versed with one story, so another seems a bit odd. But I genuinely don’t think I’d like the book anyway. Andy’s far more unlikeable on page, and it generally works better on screen (probably because you don’t want to deck her).

Basically, she ignores her failing relationship and Lily’s personal struggles, eventually telling Miranda to go fuck herself before fleeing Paris to return to normality and waltzing straight into a freelance career with a 2000 word short story.

It’s one of the few instances where, if you’d read the book first, the film would likely improve your perception. Having said that, if I’d read this first, I’d probably never have watched the movie. I’m kind of amazed the screenwriters managed to write a good movie from this, because nope. Unlikeable characters, didn’t flow nearly as well.



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