Review: Johnny Be Good – Paige Toon.

To recount some of my life story that no one cares about, I packed up my books to move, move has been pushed back a week, I was in the Co-op and saw Johnny Be Good on offer and thought – hey! I like Paige Toon, I like her YA book based on Johnny Jefferson’s daughter, so I may as well see his backstory too.

I wanted a quick, easy read, and as with chick lit, and Paige’s books in general, that’s exactly what it was. Did I curl my toes at some of the clichés or turns of phrase regarding the British, tattooed, rock god obsessed with sex, drugs and (at limited times) rock ‘n’ roll? Sure.

But there’s something about Toon’s writing that kind of sweeps over that. The fact I read it in two sittings, only broken up by the sad necessity of sleep, speaks volumes. Meg is a nice, likeable character taking a leap into the unknown world of Hollywood.

Yes, the plot is (for the most part) predictable, but there’s always enough hope in her writing to keep you hooked to see what happens. It’s got all the key features of Toon’s writing, but above all the genre standards, it’s just her writing, man. I always feel at a loss to explain it because so many writers pull some of these flaws out the bag and I’m immediately put off, but her books are just generally enjoyable. Especially when you’re looking for a quick, easy, fun read.

So, yes. I mean, some predictable moments, some ridiculous moments/phrases at times, but – hey. When you enjoy it, who really cares about little issues.


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