Review: Corpse Talk (Season One) – Adam Murphy.

I saw Adam Murphy talk as part of the IDP:2043 panel at Edinburgh Book Festival, and when talking about his own work he mentioned Corpse Talk, his kids series where he digs up dead people from history and interviews them talk-show style.

And it’s really cute, and funny. I can totally see why kids would get it because it’s one or two pages per person, with quick snappy overviews and quirky stories from each of their lives to suit. I also like it because some of the jokes (and more particularly, the ending puns on every interviewee) would probably go over kids’ heads.

It’s got scientists, authors, artists, politicians and revolutionaries. It’s just a really odd (but good) idea, and when I saw him at Glasgow Comic Con today, I just really wanted to read it, and I’m glad I did. Fun wee book.


Review: Corpse Talk (Season One) – Adam Murphy.

One thought on “Review: Corpse Talk (Season One) – Adam Murphy.

  1. […] Irvine Welsh – Edinburgh Book Festival. You know when you’re Scottish and a book lover, you’ve just got to love Irvine Welsh. We were lucky enough to catch both of his events at the festival, talking about his new book and the collaborative IDP:2043 project. I come from a house where a lot of Irvine Welsh books were lying around, although I was apparently too young to read them (boo), so am making a point in adulthood to correct that slowly but surely. Fun, fun. I should also add that the IDP event allowed me to meet the incredible Denise Mina and discover some awesome new people, including  Barroux and Adam Murphy. […]

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