B&W Blog Tour | Review: Spirit – Daniela Sacerdoti.

The final installment of the Sarah Midnight trilogy, Spirit, follows Sarah, Sean, Nicholas, and their ever-expanding crew as they set off for the Shadow World, in hope to end their battle by killing the King of Shadows.

You go in with all these questions – what’s the story with X, Y, Z? What are Nicholas’ real intentions? Will they, won’t they? And, in the middle of the constant string of action and adventure (and new characters and setting changes and this, that and the other), they’re all answered, usually with what you’d suspected.

As with Tide, the Sarah Midnight story at the core is a good one. There’s a lot of additional people and stories going on, so every reader will fall into their individual preferences as each chapter puts a spotlight on someone new. Love, loss, betrayal, survival, sacrifice – there’s a lot going on in the trilogy, and it ties itself up in a very Deathly Hallows kind of way, whatever that means to each reader is probably different, but it definitely makes sense to me, I swear.

Spirit is very much the conclusion to the series – as well as it tying up all loose ends, it continues the traits of the past two books – excessive characters, stories, twists, settings, and more types of demons than you could shake a stick at. But you’ll never really be lacking plot or adventure. That’s for sure.

September 2014 | Black & White Publishing

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