Review: Cursed – Jennifer L. Armentrout.

The notion of not being able to touch someone without killing them isn’t a new thing, but being resurrected from a car accident by her gifted little sister Olivia makes Ember’s tale a little different.

After the accident, she’s left with a dead father and unresponsive mother, and the responsibility of playing mum to her kid sister. Then there’s the mysterious man: Hayden Cromwell. He quotes Oscar Wilde and the book geekery immediately makes him more than perfection to her (the flawless looks kind of help too).

I figured, having really enjoyed Half-Blood despite the comparisons to other series, that this could be a good shout. But there was something generally lacking. The plot was thin, and the romance aspect was predictable. The mysterious guy is beyond overdone, and this wasn’t an instance where it worked. She can do it, though, as proven in Half-Blood, with her Four-esque character.

The bad guy was easy to pick out after a while, and the mystery of the car crash isn’t exactly mind-blowing when it comes to fruition. The characters are fine, the background was pretty interesting, but it doesn’t have the pace or draw of other books of the same kind to hook you in.


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