Review: Line of Fire: Diary of an Unknown Soldier – Barroux.

I saw Barroux talk last night as part of Edinburgh Book Festival’s IDP:2043 events. His artwork was the most simple but, I don’t know, maybe interesting of the lot, and when he was talking about the story behind Line of Fire, I really wanted to see it.

He was walking down the street one day to find two men clearing out a basement onto the street and told him to feel free to take whatever he wanted. He found loads of paper and the likes, including a diary of a man who went away to fight in World War One. He felt moved to create a story out of it.

And, in line with the style of his artwork, it’s simple. The soldier is very basic in his writing: we walked here, we did this, etc, etc. But there’s so much poetry and art generated from the tragedy of WW1, it’s kind of refreshing to find something in the words of someone who was there that’s so simple.

It’s a diary from an iconic time in history, retold in Barroux’s simple, almost childlike drawings. It’s simple but pretty poignant at times. I liked it, at least.


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