Review: IDP:2043.

Thanks to being super busy at the book festival, I’ve not had time to come on and ramble about this, so I’ll make it quick.

IDP – internally displaced people – imagines Scotland in 2043, when sea levels has risen and caused catastrophe, looking at how society re-imagines itself in such tough times. More so, it’s six chapters, one overall narrative, and lots of collaborations between writers and artists.

And, it’s okay. The story itself wraps up slightly too easy for it to be fully satisfying, but at the same time you’ve got to factor in they had to tie up everyone else’s chapters. Denise Mina and Barroux’s chapter is simple but stunning, Irvine Welsh and Dan McDaid’s is the darkest, and the fact it’s different styles telling one story isn’t actually that jarring, it’s kind of interesting to see how people directly interpret the same things so differently.

Nice read. Interesting idea.


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